Glen E. Philmon, Jr., age 64,
of Covington, LA
passed away on
Monday, July 10, 2023.
He was born on
July 8, 1959 in Lake Charles, LA
Glen Edward Philmon, Sr.
Helen (Crabtree) Philmon.

Today, is the most difficult day in my family’s life, as we gather to say farewell to our son, brother, husband, relative and friend. To those of you here and elsewhere who know Glen, you already are aware of the type of person he was and these words you will hear are already in your memory. To those who were not as fortunate, these words will give you a sense of the type of man he was and as an ideal for which we should strive.

I would like to pause to recognize his dearly beloved wife Trish, who Glen loved with all his heart and she loved him deeply. Just watching Trish care for her husband, our son, let us know LOVE is what made their relationship work for these 29 years.

I want to acknowledge his mother, my wife, Helen Lou Crabtree Philmon, who knew him nine months before I even had a chance to see him as she brought this wonderful man into this world. Also, want to say, his son, Shane is unable to be with us today!

My son has been often described as a gentle soul. He was pure of heart and had great sensitivity for the world around him. He had a way with people that made them feel comfortable around him and infected others to gravitate toward him. Glen exuded kindness and pulled generosity out from everyone he touched. He was everyone's best friend. To say Glen was polite is an understatement. Since his early years, he showed respect and caring for all around him. Even through the torment he endured from pain and experiences of his hospital stays and treatments, he never once failed to thank anyone as they gave him a meal, assisted him or performed another painful procedure. He also was a man of compassion. He loved all things of God’s creation and felt that since God created all the animals, they were all good and he wanted to know ALL he could about them.  

Glen’s Grandfather
J. W. Philmon, Sr.

infected him
with the love of fishing
while he was still in diapers.

I can remember when he was eight years old in Lake Charles, we were living on Royal street, which was on the Southside of Lake Charles in a newly developed subdivision in a wooded area  and a kid could find just about anything he wanted as well as anything he didn’t want. Glen would come home all muddy and scratched up and when you tried to find out what had happened to him, it was always; I FELL. Well Glen tended to fall a lot. He would come home with crawfish he caught out of a ditch and would want to keep them, so he would hide them in his room.

After a period of time, our newly constructed home developed a smell and search as we might, we couldn’t find the source that seemed to be centered in the vicinity of Glen’s room. Further investigation found hidden under Glen’s bed a shoebox with a lid. The odor coming from the box would overwhelm anyone’s since of smell. When it was opened, we discovered dead crawfish, frogs and a tadpole or two. Glen’s punishment was he had to stay out of the wooded area of the subdivision. Glen later discovered that crawfish were good to eat and that tended to keep him from trying to save every crawfish he found.

His compassion extended to his adulthood. He often spoke that while he wished to develop his career as a carpenter,  he wanted to live a simple life where he could experience the Great Outdoors of God’s creation. Glen felt that since God put more water than land, He must have intended for man to fish more than work. He would knock off work after lunch and head out to his favorite fishing hole. If one of his buddies couldn’t make it, he would go solo.

When Glen was at a younger age, we began illustrating the LOVE of JESUS to him. One day he set me back on my heels as I was trying to make my argument regarding his leaving work so early on Friday.

Dad, he said, you know Jesus loved fishermen! Remember how you told us about Jesus selecting his disciples to follow Him? You told us Jesus selected fishermen first. I had explained to the children  how each apostle was chosen; First He selected Peter, Andrew, James and John who were fishermen.

Thomas, Nathaniel and Philip may have also worked as fishermen, for they were all together and fishing when Jesus appeared to them in John 21:2-8, following his resurrection.

When we moved to Metairie, Glen had just turned 14. Glen started school at Bonnabel High School in 1972 and desired to play football. One day at the dinner table, I noticed Glen mixing a powder in his drink. When I asked about the powder, he stated he needed to add on more weight and muscle. Over the next four years, I watched my son burst out of his clothes like a butterfly leaving it’s cocoon. Glen continued his growth even after graduating and taking his first job.

One of my siblings kept pestering Glen with good natured intentions and I warned him the day was coming when Glen would put a stop to the pestering. Snow is very rare in Metairie but we got a good dose of snow that all the kids enjoyed playing in. This sibling came for a visit during this rare snow event and the family was all in the den reminiscing about our childhood memories. Glen came in from his job and when he entered the room, this sibling started egging him on. Glen bent over, wrapped one arm around the waist of the sibling, picked him up, carried him outside and dropped him in the snow on our front lawn and simply marched back into the house. The pestering stopped.

Many times he had said, a perfect job would be where he could be a guide for fishing and hunting. When he was told he was dying and had but a few days to live he told me he was not concerned about dying but was worried about his wife and family. I assured my son they would be cared for.

our family lost our father
1981 our family lost our oldest brother
our family lost our mother
2001 our family awaited news on who was to be next

Twenty-Two Years Later we reach 2023
God has chosen our son
- Our one and only son - Now Heavenly Father,
I understand fully how you felt when you gave up your Son, Your One and Only Son, Who would suffer and die for our sins.

For God So Loved the World KJV

John 3:16  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 

John 3:17  For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 

John 3:18  He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. 


For God so loved the world-Such a love as that which induced God to give his only begotten Son to die for the world could not be described.

One day my son called me and said;Dad my legs want hold me up.” What do you mean son, I asked? He said again, I was coming down the stairs and suddenly my legs gave way. I told my son I would be right over but he informed me he had called Trish and she was coming. I asked that he keep me updated on his findings and let me know what we could do to help!

The findings:

He has ‘small cell lung cancer’ that metastasized from the lung to the brain and spine. The Tumor on his spine began pressing on his spinal cord.

My son loved God and ALL His Creation. Glen’s view of the world was; Since God put more water than land, He must want man to fish more than work on dry land.

My son loved God and ALL His Creation and was constantly thanking God for ALL his blessings.

Heavenly Father, while I cannot fully comprehend Jesus’ suffering,
I have a better understanding of the pain You went through.

Jesus is calling. Will you answer?
Big Glen Did


Glen Jr. Saying

Was Put On Urn As Headstone


The Following is from Glen Jr.'s Obituary - Not Part of Eulogy

Glen is survived by his loving wife, Patricia “Trish” Rollins-Philmon; his son, Shane Michael Philmon (Amanda); his parents Glen E. Philmon, Sr. and Helen Crabtree Philmon; sisters, Rhonda P. Cairo (Jimmy), Sherri P. Hotard (Chris); sister-in-law Peggy Lynne Rollins, nieces Lauren Patricia Conner (Kyle), Megan H. Jarrell (Clint ”CJ”), Allyson C. Wade (David), Kristin H. Barboza (Alex) and great-nieces Ella-R ose Conner and Palmer Wade, and great-nephews William Wade and Collin Barboza.

Glen is preceded in death by his grandmother Carmen Crabtree, grandfather Jim Crabtree, grandmother Clara Philmon, grandfather James W. Philmon Sr. and his uncle James W. Philmon, Jr. (the late Nina).

Glen was an avid outdoorsman and he loved fellowship with his friends and family. To mention everyone by name would be impossible, you know who you are and how much he loved each of you. His son was his joy and forever in his heart. Glen graduated from Bonnabel High School and kept in touch with his Alma Mater as they will always be a part of his life. Glen’s profession was his joy in skilled Carpentry, as he repaired, built and restored the homes of many. The other love that all knew he had was his love for his companion Grace, man’s best friend ever. Above all, Glen was a devout Christian that loved the Lord.

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