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Jesus Ascends To His Father


Early Christian symbol of a fish. Greek for fish is an acrostic for
Jesus (Ι)
Christ (CH)
, God's (TH),
Son (Υ)
Saviour (S)



Genesis Videos MP4

Commentaries on the videos
in Genesis are personal beliefs.
When studying the bible,
you should always let the
Holy Spirit
guide your understanding.

Psalms 118:8 KJV
It is better to trust in the
LORD than to put confidence
in man.

1. "Humanity's Fall"
Genesis Chapter 3

(Play time 17 min.)

To understand Genesis 3:15 Satan's seed,
click here to see the DNA chart!

Click here for Genesis 3:15

2. "Waiting for the Promise"
Genesis Chapter 15

(Play time 27 min.)

To understand the promise or covenant,
God made with Abraham,
Click here for Genesis chapter 15!

Click here for pictures of animals in covenant!

Click here for map of the Table of Nations.

As illustrated in Genesis Chapter 10!

3. God Provides Wife for Issac
Genesis Chapter 24
(Play time 26 min.)

Click on Abraham, Isaac or Jacob in the Family Tree to read about them.

Abraham Family Tree