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About This Site

This web site is dedicated to God's Word. If you are searching for God and have not yet found Him, please visit the link Plan Of Salvation, shown on the left.While many Bible sites offer God's word, they also offer man's commentary. This site is unique, in as, it lets God's Word do the talking, not man's. This allows the Spirit, to guide all who visit these web pages, in giving the meaning of each word and verse.

Psalms 118:8 KJV
It is better to trust in the
LORD than to put confidence
in man.

In most instances, where Bible verses appear, they will be shown in either KJV (King James Version) and/or NIV (New International Version).

This Layman takes no position in recommending one version over another. Find what best suits you and pray for God's guidance in the selection and understanding of your bible.

There is a link posted to the left titled, "I Said A Prayer". Take the time to read the prayer, for this prayer is said for all visitors, by the Layman and Webmaster, of this site. The link titled Children's Bible Stories has been designed for children. It gives a pictorial guide to the Bible and God's Word as well as several Children's Story Videos.

The link titled Bible Characters
has been designed using information from many sources. Fausset's Bible Dictionary, Electronic Database; Nelson's Bible Dictionary, Electronic Database; Webster Dictionary and other related religious sources are some of the references used in building these web pages.The link titled Bible Lessons is designed to carry the visitor on a journey of understanding, using verses from the Bible. Statements made are not intended to be a commentary, but to guide the visitor in doing research on the referenced Bible verse's. New Bible Lessons will gradually be added. Bible-Chat.net was inaugurated March 2007, by the Layman. Comments and prayer requests are welcome. Send your comments in the same manner as your prayer requests, by clicking on the praying hands. This will start the email handler on
mail@Bible-chat.net., with a subject title: Prayer Request. Type any prayer request you have on your heart. Please use only first names when requesting prayer for an individual. God knows who is on your heart. The prayer will be extended specifically for that person. May God bless you by increasing your understanding of His Word upon each visit to these web pages.This site has been designed prayerfully and dutifully as God's humble servant. Should there be found any mistakes in references, it is my error. Any correctional comments are welcomed. I thank all who visit and invite you to come back as you are led.

In Christ,

The Layman









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