John warns Christians against being deceived.
Just as with the snakes shown below,
while they look similiar, one is venomous,
while the other is non-venemous.
Christians must be constantly alert to
false doctrine.

"know the Spirit of truth and the Spirit of error"
1 John 4:6

Scripture clearly affirms that God is truth, that God speaks truth and that God cannot lie. Scripture also affirms that Satan is a liar and the father of lies and goes around deceiving people. God reveals Himself as truth and Satan therefore is revealed as the antithesis to God, lies. That particular dichotomy descends from the conflict of God and Satan to pervade every area in the universe. There is conflict between the holy angels and the unholy demons and there is conflict on the earth between the truth and the lies of Satan. The people of God have always been plagued with false doctrine. The invasion of false prophets, false teachers, false apostles, false Christs has been something which the people of God have endured through all the ages of time. Satan attempts to oversow the truth with lies. He attempts to confuse the world so that they cannot perceive the truth of God by drowning them in a sea of deceit. It was Satan's evil intended and clever misrepresentation of truth to Eve that plunged the whole of the human race into sin. We have existed in the morass and the muck of sin ever since, drowning in an ever deepening morass of deceit. A steady stream of false teaching has been cumulative so that it is wider and deeper now than it has ever been in human history. False teaching about God, about Christ, about the Bible, about spiritual reality is pandemic.

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